Pittsburgh Marathon Runner Profile: Dr. Scott Faber


Join us as we touch upon Dr Scott Faber's motivations, experiences, and the hopeful signs he sees in the autism community in this Pittsburgh Marathon Runner interview.

Running for a Reason, Dr. Faber embarks on the Pittsburgh Marathon to raise awareness and support for Autism Connection of Pennsylvania, drawing inspiration from his personal health journey and professional dedication to autistic children and their families. Meet Dr. Scott Faber, a Developmental-Behavioral and Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician whose passion for promoting health extends beyond the confines of his practice, Developmental Integrative Pediatrics.

What prompted you to Run for a Reason? 

Walking and running this distance challenges me to pursue health goals, and serves as a talking point for the families in my practice.  I chose Autism Connections of Pennsylvania because of the decades of excellent work done by this organization to support children and families with autism, educate professionals, and advocate for change.
Dr Faber sitting in front of large window overlooking Pittsburgh Point

Dr Scott Faber

When and why did you start distance walking/running? 

During some winters I develop inflammation and joint swelling.  I started walking distances, with some running, to slowly increase my stamina and strengthen my legs.

What hopeful signs you are seeing in autistic children?

I am seeing children, adolescents and adults with autism thrive through provision of excellent educational, therapeutic, and job training programs.  I have seen numerous children improve their health by careful management of biomedical issues, such as seizure disorders, gastrointestinal inflammation, immune dysregulation and micronutrient deficiencies.

Dr. Faber has a long history of helping the autism community throughout his career. His Pittsburgh Marathon journey in 2024 may involve a combination of walking and the occasional jog, and we deeply appreciate every step.

You can support Dr. Scott Faber by visiting his Marathon Race Roster page.

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