Autism self Care

Autism Relationships, a project of Autism Connection of Pennsylvania, is a video series with a goal of helping people form lasting relationships.  Beginning with the basics of self-care, we plan to grow this series to cover a variety of topics.  Please share these videos any chance you have to support people who need to see them.
Each video in the series is accompanied by a printable picture schedule for your use.  If a certain picture does not match an item in your environment, i.e. maybe you have a different kind of bath faucet, you may wish to get a picture of your own to substitute for the one on our picture page.
 Visit us at!  Let us know what topics you would like to see as subjects for other instructional videos and we will do our best to make them!  Donate Here to help us with future production costs!  Thank you very much for your interest in Autism Relationships.


For more information on sponsorships or fundraising,
please contact us at [email protected].