We conduct free phone counseling by parent professionals answering approximately 120 monthly help requests.

We host regular seminars teaching practical strategies.

We coordinate and co-host high quality community outings for fitness, arts and recreation, and…

We offer more than 80 support groups in 44 Pennsylvania counties.

These are all made possible by donors like you! Join others in making a meaningful difference to benefit children, adults, their families, and caring professionals by giving to Autism Connection of PA.
Donate today to enable us to continue serving more than 19,000 Pennsylvanians and neighbors on our mailing list.



With our extensive mailing list, your business will receive frequent and high volume name recognition of your corporate gift. Call us to choose sponsorship of an upcoming event, a Pittsburgh Marathon runner, a Highmark Walk participant, or one of our publications that reach over 19,000 addresses, and counting.


We have made giving easier by creating a monthly pledge. Similar to public radio or television campaigns, you can choose to electronically transfer funds from your account to ours in any amount that feels manageable to you.


Sponsor a company dress down day, host an office cake raffle, start a penny war in your elementary school. There are lots of ways to help our kids and adults who have autism and lots of hope to create the best quality lives possible. You can make a very direct difference with your idea and a little effort for your favorite project.

For more information on sponsorships or fundraising,
please contact us at [email protected].