Call For Presentations

The Autism Connection of Pennsylvania seeks to bring all those working toward the health and welfare of our population together in dynamic forums (workshops, seminars, and conference presentations) to address the full range of lifespan issues and challenges that exist today, and that we will face together in the future.  The ultimate goal is to enlighten and empower all.

We are opening our call for presentations that promote best practices on lifespan issues of autism including: early intervention, education, employment, living in the community, relationship building, understanding needs and the function of behavior, communication, social skills, self advocacy, biomedical interventions, maximizing independence, long term financial planning, and securing the highest quality of life. We very much welcome the personal perspectives of people on the autism spectrum, families, and caregivers.

Please submit your information to the form below. The “Your Information” portion is for you to include your CV, expertise, links to current/past presentations, etc.

All submissions are due by January 31, 2020.  We reserve the right to accept or “pass” on  based on content duplications, time and space considerations, and current needs of our community.  A committee of autistic adults, professionals, and board members will review submissions and make final decisions. Please note: we do not feature books, videos, memoirs, or other content that is personal or sales-based in nature.  However, if content can meet the needs of our audience, that will be taken into consideration.

Questions? Please email

CV, expertise, links to current/past presentations, etc.